Tuesday, March 6, 2012

veronica MARS on SOAPnet...

The best show ever cancelled (and in my opinion, that ever lived) is getting another run on SOAPnet. Yay! Unfortunately, SOAPnet channel has also been cancelled. Boo. SOAPnet will be airing the Veronica Mars series on their station starting in April. However, the channel is set to be replaced by yet another Disney channel aimed at preschoolers. Beginning in some areas as early as March 23 the channels will slowly be swapped out until SOAPnet is no more. I was already bummed because no SOAPnet means no Season 4 of Being Erica. Which thankfully I found on youtube. Maybe I shouldn't have said that... Please don't make them delete the episodes until I've seen them all , youtube powers that be. Anyway...
It's exciting to see this awesome show get some well deserved recognition and also a let down that it will again be cut short.
But any chance Veronica Mars gets to have new viewers and fans is okay with me. It is my favorite show and I still take any chance I get to bring it up and encourage people to check it out because if you haven't seen it you are truly missing out. And If SOAPnet goes Donald Duck before we've had a chance to enjoy the whole series...well we'll always have the DVDs and possibly the movie... But definitely the DVDs, buy the DVDs.


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